The most elementary of things-Quarks

For any person familiar with particle physics or physics in general, the word “quark” should sound familiar. Derived from Irish writer Jame Joyce’s “Finnegan’s Wake”, this term was first used by physicist Murray Gell Mann to name what he believed to be the smallest existing particles. But what exactly are quarks, and why are theyContinue reading “The most elementary of things-Quarks”

Interview with a physicist- Daisy Shearer

Daisy Shearer is a young British woman with big dreams. She spent four full years on her integrated master’s degree in physics, focusing specifically on Quantum technology. Quantum technology uses Quantum mechanics to benefit and exponentially advance our current technology. This includes quantum computing which utilizes quantum possibilities like superposition, which is when a quantumContinue reading “Interview with a physicist- Daisy Shearer”

The double-slit experiment and wave-particle duality.

19th century: It was the beginning of the 19th century. A man named Thomas Young, a British polymath, dared the unthinkable. He was going to stand up to the great Isaac Newton. His plan was simple. Newton believed that electromagnetic radiation behaved as particles only; Young’s experiment was going to attempt to prove him wrong. Continue reading “The double-slit experiment and wave-particle duality.”